Review: The Standing Water.

standing water

Does a pond of standing water actually suck children into the deep or does it represent something even more sinister? David Castleton’s book is welcome reminder that books that don’t make it to the bestseller lists can be just engaging. The Standing Water straddles the fine line between gothic, near horror fiction, while throwing us enough clues to remind us that it is set in real life. Continue reading “Review: The Standing Water.”

An Evening with Stephanie Suga Chen


I had a lovely evening as moderator for Stephanie Suga Chen’s meet and greet at Books Actually last night. It was an excellent opportunity to talk to aspiring and published authors such as Aruna Shahani, as well as Ilangoh Thanabalan from Stephanie’s publisher, Straits Times Press. I also learned a lot more about Stephanie as a writer – she turned out a first draft of Travails of a Travelling Spouse in four weeks! Her book has now been on Singapore’s bestseller list for four weeks.

While there I picked up a copy of The Expats by Patricia Snel, another – but very different book – about expats in Singapore.

Books Actually is situated in a stunning historical district Tiong Bahru and has its own imprint Math Paper Press and all their currently available titles were on display.