Review: Rainbirds by Clarissa Goenawan

  I had the great pleasure to meet author Clarissa Goenawan at On Rain, a book reading held by Sing Lit Station. Since we had the opportunity to chat about her book, Rainbirds, beforehand, I have to confess to having been biased in her favour when reading it.

Review: The Last Immigrant

In The Last Immigrant by Lau Siew Mei, an Australian born and raised in Singapore, Ismael battles loss and isolation in a nation increasing intolerant towards migrants. Ismael, like his creator, is a Singaporean migrant to Australia where he’s established an ordinary life in the suburbs. His work is dull and unfulfilling and does not…

Review: Small Stupid Things by Agatha Zaza

  My first Amazon review, excuse me as I hiccough with joy. Small Stupid Things is available here. I decided to post a screenshot here as, apparently, reviews disappear off Amazon. Also as a celebration. Thank you Desdemona Wren, author of Bloom, A Monster Love Novella  

Interview with Stephanie Suga Chen

Stephanie Suga Chen, a US expatriate based in Singapore and author of Travails of Trailing Spouse that I reviewed here answered a few questions regarding her book and her life. How much of you, your experiences, your personality, is your characters? 

Review: Travails of a Trailing Spouse

Being an expat in Singapore myself, I was instantly drawn to Stephanie Suga Chen’s Travails of a Trailing Spouse. Without a decapitated corpse or brutalised domestic worker in sight, Stephanie’s book offers a fresh perspective on the lives of women (and occasionally men) who move to Singapore with their partners and find themselves willingly or…