Review: The Last Immigrant

In The Last Immigrant by Lau Siew Mei, an Australian born and raised in Singapore, Ismael battles loss and isolation in a nation increasing intolerant towards migrants. Ismael, like his creator, is a Singaporean migrant to Australia where he’s established an ordinary life in the suburbs. His work is dull and unfulfilling and does not…

Review: The Only Story

Julian Barnes is one of my favourite writers. Before reading The Only Story, I listened to an interview with Julian Barnes on Open Book by Mariella Frostrup on BBC Radio. It whetted my appetite, Julian Barnes is as eloquent on the page as he is on paper.

Review: The Secret Journals of Adolf Hitler: The Anointed

“Please remember that this is a work of fiction.” AG Mogan implores the reader in her prologue. Indeed we must, Adolf Hitler is one of the most hated men in history – Mogan should be commended for her bravery before anything else.

Review: Small Stupid Things by Agatha Zaza

  My first Amazon review, excuse me as I hiccough with joy. Small Stupid Things is available here. I decided to post a screenshot here as, apparently, reviews disappear off Amazon. Also as a celebration. Thank you Desdemona Wren, author of Bloom, A Monster Love Novella