A case for the long short story

It only takes a skim through Amazon Kindle books to confirm what most of us know, that short stories have become extremely popular. Recent increases in the sale of short story collections  can only mean readers are happy with shorter work, can’t it? In this digital age, isn’t it natural to reach for the concise,…

Review: The Standing Water.

Does a pond of standing water actually suck children into the deep or does it represent something even more sinister? David Castleton’s book is welcome reminder that books that don’t make it to the bestseller lists can be just engaging. The Standing Water straddles the fine line between gothic, near horror fiction, while throwing us…

Interview: Theo A Gerken

I asked Theo A Gerken about his book, The Carrot Man and his experience writing it, and his answers are every bit as unconventional as his book. How much of you (your experiences, your personality) is your characters? The book is about 90

Review: The Carrot Man

I came by the Carrot Man by Theo A Gerken  via a really bad review. Someone declared that it was the worst book that she’d ever read. In truth, it’s far more complex than that. It’s a well written book. Experimental and inventive and, thankfully, short.

Review: Body and Soul

Body and Soul is heavy. Stories of abuse, poverty and failed parenting are always difficult to read and more so Ryan Guth’s book attempts to tackle the issue in poetry. He does it well. Cassandra’s story is painful and poignant. He creates her setting, a delinquent father and abusive grandfather and a mother in pursuit…