Review: The Carrot Man


I came by the Carrot Man by Theo A Gerken  via a really bad review. Someone declared that it was the worst book that she’d ever read.

In truth, it’s far more complex than that. It’s a well written book. Experimental and inventive and, thankfully, short. Unfortunately, I think the writer intended for us to dislike every character in the book: protagonist, antagonist, he wanted us to hate the settings and situation, which leaves not much to like.

The book is billed as an existential comedy and Gerken is obviously a skilled writer. The protagonist’s voice is consistent, clear and emotional – you can hear the thirty-year old Swede (pun not intended) speak, telling you how much he hates his housemate. From his first allusions carrots and various other vegetables, the stream of vitriol is persistent. The carrot is an awful person, we learn very quickly, but so it seems is the narrator. In fact, we soon start to question whether the carrot is as awful as the narrator would like us to think. Soon you find yourself asking Who is the bad guy?

I’d recommend it to those looking for something short, eclectic and perhaps ugly. It’ll appeal to those who like Hunter S Thompson and Quentin Tarantino films. I’d also say in the Kindle e-book of romance and thrillers, it’s different.

I’ll be posting a brief interview with Theo in my next post.

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